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Be Free in 2023: How could your life change?

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Jan. 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th at 10:00 AM PT

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Live Your Life

with Greater Freedom and Feel More Fully Alive

This is YOUR life.

You can be like most people and settle for what you think you can get. You can default to following other people’s rules or doing your best to live up to their expectations. You can work hard to make someone else’s dream a reality.

Or… you can choose to listen to your Self, walk your unique path, and give yourself permission to let go and manifest your own big, bold, beautiful dreams. Because the truth is that everything you genuinely want is waiting for your consent to enter your life.

However, you must create enough space inside for you to see and connect with it. You don’t even have to believe right now that it can happen. If you want more or better, new strategies can transform your doubt and disbelief into an unbridled passion that creates more room and freedom inside of you to receive the life you desire.

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What if...

What if You Could Finally Break Through to the Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Freedom You NEED?

Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions, and reactions are essentially what control and limit everything in our life. And according to the National Science Foundation, 80 – 95% of our thoughts are negative and repetitive. “OUCH!”

Do you see the problem here? How do you feel free and get what you want when your brain says “No” 80% of the time?!

And worse, we mostly think, feel, and believe unconsciously. So, we end up committing the devastating mistake of living our lives on autopilot – with only small glimpses of inspiration, desire, and passion.

If you think those short glimpses of hope and desire will be enough to get you where you want to go, think again. Just look at how you currently operate. Think about how often your gun-ho intention or heartfelt hope gets pushed to the side, forgotten, and overwhelmed by the busyness of your life.

And the 80 – 95% negativity tendency that is operating through you is just one reason you keep finding yourself in what looks like the same spot. There are more. So, if you want to find your way out of the maze of doubt and disbelief and stop having to start over again and again, it’s time to think of freedom differently. It’s time to work smarter with better information that can hack your old habits.

It’s time for a new approach that offers fun, actionable solutions you can use in real-time to see differently and rewire your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are likely on autopilot.

You have a heart. It is more powerful than you know. You already have inside of you what you need to rise up and move beyond feeling stuck, left out, unfulfilled, or playing small.

And we have tools and strategies that work and the power of community to fuel your height and trajectory.

General Admission for Only $349

*VIP Admission for $549.

What is Phoenix Rising?

Phoenix Rising is a practical and interactive four-week workshop where you will experience one transformation after another. Tina Lifford creates and designs the seminar on a brand-new topic every January. The subject for 2023 is The Art of Being Free.

Phoenix Rising is NOT a New Year’s motivational seminar. The workshop is a strategically designed mix of education, accountability, and taking practical actions that can lead to a transformational experience in every area of your life. With four weeks of interactive coaching, exercises, breakout sessions, and reliable tools and practices, you will discover and embrace the art of being free by applying the principles and concepts of Tina’s 30+ years of study and consistent application.

Tina Lifford doesn’t bring you what she learned from someone else. She shares, with specificity, what she has learned in the trenches of her own life. From the pain of badly wanting to be free, Tina was willing to look deep inside herself to KNOW what freedom takes, where it comes from, and how to create it for the rest of her life masterfully.

And best of all, you’ll be able to apply the “in-the-moment” reframing practices you’ll discover over and over for the rest of your life.

If you can think of something in your life that you’d love to be free of, something that burdens, hurts, or restricts you, Phoenix Rising can lead you to its realization. You’ll discover how to:

Tina Lifford

Tina Lifford’s most extraordinary quality is that she is truly practiced. In other words, she knows how to navigate life artfully. She always leans into what she wants and knows how to thrive no matter how dreadful things may appear. And she is consciously aware of how and why she does it so she can share it with others in a way they can immediately put it to use.

Tina is as passionate about personal development as she was about becoming a successful actor. Over the past 30 years, she has studied, attended empowerment workshops, completed a Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology, and become a licensed Spiritual Practitioner.

She has worked with clients for over 20 years and founded The Inner Fitness Project in 2011. Through her work as a workshop facilitator, a stage play centered around wellness, speaking engagements, and an award-winning book, Tina has impacted the lives of thousands. She continues to practice and learn new things every day and expands her ideas about how to live life well and feel more fully alive each day.

Tina’s book, The Little Book of Big Lies: A Journey into Inner Fitness, won the 2019 Nautilus Gold Award for Personal Growth, the 2020 Book Authority award, and was named Forbes’ Best Personal Development Book for 2021.

The skills you require to achieve and maintain mental and emotional freedom will be uncovered and practiced during this four-week workshop. You’ll quickly discover that how you’ve thought about freedom up until now is a dead end.

Through participating in Phoenix Rising you will discover and learn the art of being truly free.

General Admission for Only $349

*VIP Admission for $549.

Freedom Looks Different for Each of Us

What does it mean to be free?

The moment you seriously consider that question, you may see that you are actually trapped in an intricately locked cell:

There are hundreds more.

Are you free if circumstances and people dictate your sense of yourself or if you are waiting for someone else to make your life better?

Have you spent your whole life choosing not to be free?

If you’d like to trust yourself more and forge a new path, you are capable of making it your reality. You can be free regardless of your circumstances or the appearance of things. However, you need to know what steps to take to make it happen.

Imagine aligning with and taking charge of what you genuinely want. Finally discover how good it feels to have the freedom to be yourself, dream your dreams, and choose yourself intentionally.
Imagine knowing exactly how to transform conscious and unconscious patterns that keep you stuck or uncertain about what’s possible for your life.


The Art of Being Free will show you how to align with and lean into whatever free means to YOU during the workshop and for the rest of your life.

General Admission for Only $349

*VIP Admission for $549.

Discover, Practice, and Embrace the
Freedom that Awaits You

Tina will guide you through fun and easy practices that allow you to experience greater levels of freedom each week. These tiny acts of freedom will build your “icanability” factor and have you daring to live larger than you have imagined over the four weeks and beyond. You will…

Session 1

Starts Here

Whether you want to feel fully alive, be free to pursue your dreams until they’re achieved, or figure out what you genuinely want, it begins with a desire for something you’ve never been, done, or had before. This session will help you increase your self-awareness and move you into a more intimate partnership with yourself. You’ll begin to uncover what freedom means and looks like in your life and put the manifestation process in motion.

Session 2

Give Yourself Permission

Ideas and dreams must be nurtured in specific ways in order to manifest. This session will expand your awareness of the kinds of efforts that allow you to get out of your way and nurture the manifestation process. It will leave you with strategies you can embody, replicate, and apply to any area of your life.

Session 3

Embrace Your Freedom

This session gives you the opportunity to infuse your ideas, desires, and dreams with the energy and exercises that turn your thoughts and feelings into tangible things. Your enhanced passion will cause you to play full out.

Session 4

Fuel Your Journey

This session shows you how to make your internal and external intentions super sticky so that you expand into more personal freedom, stay connected to your desires and dreams, and feel more fully alive all year. It gives you a practical and reliable plan to win beyond the Phoenix Rising workshop.


Make a freedom pact with yourself

Increase your inner willingness to be fully alive

Discover and explore the untapped freedom that lives inside you

Experience what freedom feels like to you


Catch sight of patterns and turn them into power

Reframe how you have seen yourself up until now

Identify, celebrate, and leverage ways you are already free


Begin to see and experience freedom and possibility in areas of challenge

Create your internal freedom fighter to help you continue to move forward and reach new heights

Grow into more of the person you want to be

General Admission for Only $349

*VIP Admission for $549.

Your Phoenix Rising: The Art of Being Free Ticket

You have two choices to participate in this once-a-year event:


Eight hours of LIVE coaching and interaction with Tina Lifford (compared to one private coaching session at $325/hour)

Eye-opening exercises that allow you to see yourself and your circumstances as never before and clear, practical strategies that help you see new possibilities for your life immediately

Breakout sessions throughout the workshop to process new ideas and practice using new tools

Reusable tools and practices you can use at any moment to create space to experience new and exciting possibilities

 Replay sent to your inbox to enjoy for 48 hours after each session.


As a VIP, you will receive all of the above, plus three additional “Stay-on-Track” meetings spaced throughout the year with Tina Lifford. As a member of a smaller group, you will have the opportunity to ask more questions and receive specific, individualized feedback from Tina.

Plus, you’ll get the following:

Dedicated time that provides you an opportunity to refocus and stay aligned with your workshop goals and practices. You’ll ignite the thriving Self in support of your dreams and desires

Your choice of a free month of Wellness Wednesday or Inner Fitness 101, a digital program delivered to your inbox that you can watch over and over for years to come. Inner Fitness 101 is full of insights and interactive learning that helps you remember, refocus, and refresh your goals and desires.

Year long access to each Phoenix Rising session and all three stay-on-track sessions through the end of 2023.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Attend the LIVE workshop on January 7th. Use the tips and strategies Tina shares with you, participate in the breakout sessions, and learn from other participants. Then, take a couple of days to do your assignment, and practice the techniques Tina will share with you.

Then, ask yourself if you think Phoenix Rising: The Art of Being Free workshop will help you become more aware of where freedom comes from and the different ways you have chosen not to be free? Will Tina’s teachings help you start to think differently, make new choices, and create better habits that will help you enjoy more freedom in your day-to-day life? If the answer is no, send an email to The Inner Fitness Project by Midnight PT on January 9th, and you’ll receive a full refund of every penny you paid.
If you’re ready to invest in YOU for lasting change…

General Admission for Only $349

*VIP Admission for $549.

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We will be using Zoom for this workshop and recommend you download the Zoom app for the best experience.

Yes, there will be four live session and we will encourage you to meet with assigned pods during the course of the month as well.

  • Journal and Pen
  • Headphones
  • Open Mind, Open Heart, Ready to Share
  • We recommend that you read The Little Book of Big Lies prior to taking the course, but it is not required

YES! If you miss a session or simply want to watch a session again, a replay will be sent to your inbox to enjoy for 48 hours after each session.If you are a VIP member, you will have yearlong access to each Phoenix Rising session and all three stay-on-track sessions through the end of 2023.